Sleepless nights - Insomnia. Fix your wake up and sleep timing daily !!!

Sleepless nights - Insomnia. Fix your wake up and sleep timing daily !!!

What makes us into sleepless night?  Let’s look for solution of insomnia

  1. What is insomnia?

   Sleep in Ayurveda is considered as most important aspect to maintain health. It is natural revitalize of energy. Due to modern day’s evolution and busy schedule we are not able to concentrate on our health.  Insomnia can easily affect any age group people. And it turned out to be a major mental problem which is leading to much health related issues also.

   The symptoms include difficulty in falling sleep, irregular sleep pattern, lack of concentration and focus. Inactive throughout the day and finding less interest in any work they do. Actually insomnia have become a common critical mental and physical problem among us, So let’s explore into the cause and solution of our issue with sleepless night.


  1. Lifestyle is the main culprits, isn’t it?
  • The stress, anxiety and depression issue among now a day’s young generation are directly related with mental health issue which can cause sleepless night among most of us.
  • Poor schedule for sleep and wakeup cycle will injure your body and mind.
  • Untimely and junk consumption makes us unhealthy by which hormones gets fluctuated which leads to many lifestyle disorders.
  • In rare cases it can be due to age related, medical conditions and genetics problem also.
  1. Prevention will be the best choice:
  • Ensure the sleep wake cycle is correctly maintained throughout your life. Fix your wake up and sleep timing daily.
  • Create a calm and comfortable surrounding before sleep with optimal room temperature.
  • Avoid usage of bright lights from any of your gadgets.
  • Eat light and early before the bed, which is directly responsible for a good sleep.
  • Give your body a regular exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. every day.
  • Make your mind free from stress and be happy about yourself before going to bed.
  1. Looking for the best solution:

   Ayurveda serves numerous solutions including internal and external therapies, herbs like Brahmi, Ashwaganda, Sankhapuspi, Jatamamsi, Bala, etc, which induce sleep by calming your mind.

   Sruthi herbal's Nidraplus Capsule has a good result in case of insomnia by which mind calming drugs has been infused which serves best result for your sleepless nights.

   External therapies such as Nasayam, Dhara and head massage gives a cooling effect by which it balances pitta dosha and gives a pleasant sleep.

   By gentle massage over the scalp with Sruthi herbal’s Brahmi Tailam will control the side effects of insomnia including tension, anxiety, headache due to sleepless nights, calms the body by reducing excessive pittam in the body.

Ayurveda has proven the efficacy in the management of insomnia.

Consulting for AYUSH physician before starting the treatment for your insomnia can give you a good progression in the treatment.

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