Sruthi Herbal Laboratories
Sruthi Herbal Laboratories
Sruthi Herbal Laboratories
Sruthi Herbal Laboratories


Promote ayurveda and help people attain relaxed

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SRUTHI believes in upholding of woman's dignity,

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Emerge as a leading supplier of high quality unique

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Back To Nature; Be With Ayurveda

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Sruthi Herbal Laboratories

Sruthi is managed and run on a day-to-day basis with the active involvement of, and inputs from qualified doctors, technical resource persons, drugs formulators, packaging experts, and an ever-present marketing wing meant to serve the dealership community at short notice.

Patient satisfaction is ensured on an ongoing basis through interaction with sellers at sale points and through replies and advice on customer feedbacks.

Quality Control is the backbone of Sruthi’s phenomenal growth. Sruthi has never sacrificed and will never compromise on quality for the sake of short-term gains such as through price wars and such unhealthy trade practices. Raw material collection is the key to the right mix for a healthy cure. Sruthi always procures raw materials through wild collection groups since cultivated herbs do not yield the desired results. Sruthi has exclusive arrangements with collection centers established among tribal villages all over the country that only cater to us.

CUSTOMER SATISFACITON IS SUPREME and Sruthi will leave no stone unturned in order to achieve this lofty goal.

Sruthi Herbal Laboratories


The sourcing of our product is a big contributor to our environmental footprint, so working in close alliance with supplier partners " Wish Marketing " who share our values and want to grow sustainable businesses with us is vital.

Wish Marketing,
135,T.T.K Road,
Tamil Nadu

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